• Product Name: Humidity-Controlling Fiberboard
  • Product ID: cp10

● Particularly used in controlling humidity within a showcase or storage cabinet to protect museum collections
● Can adsorb or desorb moisture to buffer the change of RH
● Made of natural plant fiber, be safe to both human body and museum collections
● Suitable for different RH requirement from 40% to 70%
● Covered with non-woven compound,can be freely cut,or packed in hollow case,convenient for combination in application
● Humidity indicator card is recommended to easily observe humidity variation


Recommended buffering volume(m³)



● Selection: Choose different humidity-controlling specs to meet various RH requirements of museum collections.
● Dosage: Quantity used is up to the volume of the cabinet.
● Usage: Discard sealed plastic bag, and then put the product into the cabinet.
● Check: Use humidity indicator card or recorder to observe RH variation.
● Ensure the tightness of the cabinet, otherwise the target RH cannot be achieved.
● Pre-adjust the RH before using Humidity-Controlling Fiberboard.
● Use it immediately after opening the sealed plastic bag.
● Valid for 6 months, change it after expiry.
● If necessary, can send back to factory for re-use.