• Product Name: Humidity Indicator Card
  • Product ID: cp09

1. Brief
Humidity indicator card can easily measures relative humidity inside the sealed package to allow a quick and low cost inspection of the humidity level is safe or not. The blue indicator dot turms pink, means that RH in the package has or had been reached the RH value of that dot.
2. Specification


Colors changed from dry to wet

Colors changed from dry to wet

  1. Common HIC
  2. HIC Cobalt-Free A (Green)
  3. HIC Cobalt-Free B(Green)
  4. HIC Cobalt & Halogen-Free(Green)

Blue to pink

One dot

Yellow to Green

Three dots

Brown to Azure

Four dots

Rose to Yellow

Six dots

3. Usage Directions
a) The humidity indicator dots will change color as the relative humidity increases in the volume of air surrounding the indicator
b) The humidity indicator dots are reversible, and the changed dots will back to original color when the volume of the air is dried
c) The humidity indicator shows the most accurate value when the temperature is 23℃
d) Store humidity indicator cards in original sealed iron can. Immediately seal the can after every opening. The dot shows normal color before usage
e) Store in dry, cool area and keep them out of direct sunlight and away from water.
4. Application
a) Electronics, PCB
b) Optical components, synthetic material, organic material
c) Metals
d) Bulk packaging, preservation package
5. Storage
a) Keep sealed and dry
b) Keep away from direct sunlight
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