• Product Name: Bagged Fiber Desiccant(patent product)
  • Product ID: cp03

1. Introduction
● Natural plant fiber, 100% degradable, friendly to environment, high security to human body.
● Adsorption capacity is over 100% of its own weight.
● Stock cover is Tyvek paper, which is high strength, static resistance, acid-baise resistance, and suitable environmental protection etc.
2. Application
● Electronic Industry, such as IC circuit board, semiconductor, electron appliances
● Accurate apparatus, optics equipment
● Plastics
● Food industry, such as sea moss, dried fruit, vacuum-packed food
● Pharmaceuticals
● Bio-kit
● Transportation industry
3.Technical Criteria


 Technical criteria

Test method

 Loss on drying


Weight Method

 Moisture Adsoprtion Rate



Weight Method





From 1 to 3000 grams, can be custom-made to meet various requirements.
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