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Date:2012-05-15 14:04:24
Sci-Tech Innovation Brief
Established in 2002, with technical background of Fudan University, Shanghai Hengyuan Macromolecular Materials Co., Ltd. (SHMM) is mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of green and multi-functional adsorbing materials.

Degradable plant fiber desiccant“ is one of patented products developed by SHMM. Its technical level has reached international standard. Although desiccant is small product, it has wide application fields, such as pharmaceuticals, food, bio-kits, electronic products, transportation, garments, textile and leather products, furniture, and so on.

“Degradable plant fiber desiccant“ obtained “Innovation Fund“ from Shanghai in 2005, honored as “Scientific Research Achievement“ by State Forestry Bureau in 2006, awarded “Hi-Tech project” by Shanghai Government in 2007. It also gets “Green Label“, the only one in desiccant industry, approved by State Environmental Protection Administration.

In 2005, ISO9001 quality control system was built up, implementing “People Foremost, Quality First, Pursuing customer satisfaction, and Continual Innovation“ as quality policy. SHMM attached great importance to cultivatetalents, the foundation of future development.

Since 2006, cooperated with Shanghai Museum, East China University of Science and Technology, and Nanjing Forestry University, SHMM has taken on one sub-project of National Key Technology Support Program, named “Humidity-controlling fiber board used in microenvironment of Museum”(2006BAK20B01-4-2). This project was applied in several pavilions in World Expo 2010 Shanghai. According to 12th Five-Year plan (2011-2015),  this project will be promoted to almost 250 museums.

June 2008, with the update of the product, SHMM applied invention patent for humidity-controlling fiber material. The same year in July, this product achieved “Innovation Fund“ both from Shanghai and Nation.

December 2008, united with Polymer Science Department of Fudan University, SHMM was granted to take on the project of “Research and Industrialization of degradable humidity-controlling fiber material” as “the National 863 Plan”. This project makes SHMM meet the demand of market from “adsorbing” to “desorbing”, and reform the concept from “drying” to “adjusting”.

In the year of 2010, according with “green policy” of Europe, SHMM developed envionmental humidity indicator card which is cobalt free. So far, the cards have been widely used in packagings of electronic products.

“Hyperdry“ is a newly-researched product by SHMM for container transport. Combined with several super absorbent polymers, hyperdry has superstrong absorption capacity in high temprature and humidity. At the same time, the excellent waterlock ability is absolutely safe and secure for cargoes in container.

In recent years, SHMM has deveolped series household products to create a popular brand in consumer market. In future, more multi-functional desiccants, such as mouldproof and mothproof ones will come into market in succession.

“Green“ is the principal we always persist in, and “Innovation“ is the impetus for us to make progress. Supported in technology by Fudan University, SHMM keeps core-competitiveness all the time, making R&D in terms of market requirements. Based on global marketing strategy, SHMM has set up sales distribution channels in North America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia, making longterm development more stable and solid.

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