Company Profile

Established in 2002, with the technical expertise of Shanghai’s prestigious Fudan University, Shanghai Hengyuan Macromolecular Materials Co., Ltd. (SHMM) is engaged in the Research & Development, Manufacture and Sales of environmentally-safe, multi-functional absorbent materials.
“Degradable Plant Fiber Desiccant” is a patented product developed by SHMM being used in a number of applications for a variety of industries including Pharmaceuticals, Food Stuffs, Bio-kit, Electronics, Garment & Textiles, Leather Products and Furniture.
“Degradable Plant Fiber Desiccant” has been engineered to reach the highest international standards and for its work, SHMM has received numerous honors and accolades. The company was awarded grant monies from Shanghai’s Innovation Fund in 2005. In 2006, SHHM received the distinguished Scientific Research Achievement commendation from the State Forestry Bureau. In 2007, the Shanghai government again recognized the company’s innovation through its Hi-Tech Project award. And more recently, the State Environmental Protection Administration presented SHMM with its Green Label; making it the only desiccant manufacturer to receive this elite designation.
For more than seven years, Shanghai Hengyuan Macromolecular Materials Co., Ltd. has been ensuring its quality in strict accordance with ISO9001 manufacturing guidelines.
In 2007, in partnership with the Shanghai Museum, East China University of Science and Technology and Nanjing Forestry University, SHMM developed and implemented a pilot program (2006BAK20B01-4-2) for the National Key Technology Support Program that aimed to better control humidity in museum microenvironments through the use of SHMM’s fiber board. In 2010, this program expanded to include several pavilions housing displays during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. According to the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), this project is slated to expand to nearly 250 museums across China.
In June 2008, SHMM filed a patent application for its re-engineered, humidity-controlling fiber material. For this work, the company received Innovation Fund grants from both the Shanghai and Central Governments. In December of the same year, as part of The National 863 Plan, SHMM, together with the Polymer Science Department of Fudan University, was given the research lead on a project to transform ‘absorbency/drying’ into ‘desorbency/adjusting’.
In 2010, in accordance with Europe’s growing Green Policy, SHMM developed a cobalt-free, humidity indicator card. This new product has seen tremendous growth, particularly in the packaging of electronics goods.
“Hyperdry” is the newest innovation from SHMM. By combining several super absorbent polymers, this proprietary product maintains exceptional absorbent capacity in high-temperature, high-humidity environments. Together with its excellent waterlock properties, “Hyperdry” is a first-rate option for securing ocean freight cargo.
Recently, SHMM has launched a line of household products targeting general consumers. The company intends to introduce more multi-functional desiccants for home use, including those with mold-proof and moth-proof properties.
Shanghai Hengyuan Macromolecular Materials Co., Ltd., with ongoing technology support from Fudan University, is committed to leading the absorbent materials market through continued, environmentally-conscious innovation. The company’s expanding channels of distribution, which include North America, Europe, Australia, as well as other parts of Asia, give SHMM the ability to satisfy the needs of many of the world’s biggest and fastest growing markets.